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Creationism Photos

I’ll be putting a bunch of pictures in this post of idiotic, Creationist things. I’ll keep updating this, don’t worry. In the meantime, I think this is pretty funny with just the one picture. 😉

creation fun facts demotivational poster

Why else would a T-rex have dagger-like teeth? (Click for full-sized image.)


Debunking Creationists’ Dumb “Arguments”

This blog is mainly so I can rant about religi-tards. Oh, and I didn’t make that up, I just saw it in some YouTube comment. I think my primary target will be YECs (short for Young Earth Creationists, which I’ll be using a lot; OEC stands for Old Earth Creationist) because they annoy me the most. Seriously, you think because you have an ancient book you’re on par or more educated than evolutionary biologists?!!! Gimme a break.